Situated in Taiwan, around 15min from the Taoyuan International Airport brings us close to the beach scenery that is perfect for a different kind of work style. Passion for the environment around us is combined with passion for the industry, we bring you WONHOUSE.


WONHOUSE is a studio, a development center, a R&D center that allows us to bring in multiple brands and companies to work together with fabric mills and garment vendors to provide a work space and start to make innovative end products.

People’s objectives are different, garment vendors are looking  from a garment point of view, raw material

vendors are looking from a raw material point of view, we are applying seams and looking from a seam point of view, the brand is looking for a high-quality cost effective product. We are bringing everyone all together a little bit earlier in the supply chain to speed up the process and reduce any quality issues or any problems that could occur during production. At the same time learning different aspects for all that comes.

WONHOUSE is a connector, to connect with all the brand, garment factory, and fabric mill.  We welcome everyone to come and join us to make innovative product.



A consulting team especially catered for your specific needs. Whether it is sourcing, quality control or finding “what’s new” for developments, the team can work closely with you to achieve adding more value to your team/brand. One can choose to gear up with our Smart Technology for advanced work mode that is efficient and easy to adapt.



Using smart technology to assist in brand building, RM management, Big Data collection for analyzing past and current performance, and much more functions to choose from. All by the touch of one finger!


Smart Solution

Using an Industrial 4.0 concept to renew the traditional garment production line process that we know, thus creating a more comfortable work environment and increase production efficiency effectively.



An all made in Taiwan product supplier that is most well-known for the customized work of seam sealing tape and adhesives. Not only product production but also on-site technical support and training can be provided upon request. The team is equipped with fabric, garment and glue experts, for a full package service needed for developments.



NEW ZEALAND WOOL; natural fiber X synthetic fiber, with a touch of extra performance for coolness and warmth that is perfect for the unpredictable weather changes we face now. A new kind of yarn that gives you fabric soft to the hand, comfort to the skin. WONACCESS will help you design, develop and work with your nominated partner or pair up with other suitable partners from fabric production to garment production. Remember, adding TSGS tapes can add on more value!


Kinetic Colorization™

Kinetic Colorization transfer technology is eco friendly and does not use water or chemicals to colorize a wide variety of fabrics in solids or prints. This is the future of color and KC has the ability to deal with small MOQ runs or large runs. It is excellent for engineered apparel and helps with over booking and waste of inventory. It is a perfect answer to the new buzz of demand manufacturing. From art to fabric to garment on a variety of fabrics including most nylon or nylon blends.


Creative Colorization

The colorists here are experts in color analogy. How to make a butterfly wings more delicate on print patterns, how to enhance the color quality and overall look? CC team can do it. With state of the art equipments for not only color trend forecast but design developments as well. Pair up with Kinetic Colorization process, the prints will come alive.




Can I come here if I am just a student?

A : Yes! Of course!! We have seminars that might give you more info about the industry, and we always welcome fresh blood! Bring your creativity!

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