Situated in Taiwan, around 15 min drive from the Taoyuan International Airport,

away from the crowded cities, brings us close to the beachfront.

A perfect escape for a different kind of work style.

Won.House is a textile/apparel studio, an R&D development centre, where multiple brands and companies to work together. From fabric mills to garment vendors.

Dedicated to industry-academia collaborations to provide a workspace to make innovative ideas happen.​


At Won.House, we bring together great minds across industries, and we strive to help the next generation to reach their best potentials.

Won Access Consulting

Let us help you with your Sourcing, Development and Quality needs.

Over the past 20 years, Aaron our leading expert has extensive experience in the textile industry from fibre through to garment.

He's been working extensively for the leading global brands such as Lululemon, Carbon38, Outdoor Voices, Clover International and Alo Yoga.


Providing leadership and guidance to sourcing, fabric development, quality solutions, education to staff and vendors on all facets of raw material and garment processing,

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Aaron Jackson


Aaron Jackson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Won-Access,  With over 20 years of experience in Textiles from fibre through to garments.  Aaron has built and lead high performance teams in Raw Materials Sourcing, Innovation and Development within brands.   Along with industry experience in all facets of the textile industry.  Synthetic and Natural fibres through to garments.

Murphy Chung


Murphy Chung has over 20 years experience in raw material sourcing and development, with a background in sales and marketing for fabric manufacturers.  Murphy also is the CEO / Founder of TSGS tape seam supplier to the outerwear and Sports sector.  A wealth of knowledge on sticking things together.

Support all your textile needs

We are always working hard to collaborate with Brands, Mills and Manufacturers to bring innovative product to market.

Product Integrity

Raw Materials, Garments and Color

We can tailor a quality process thats right for your business We can investigate quality issues, work collaboratively with mills, garment makers and brands to remedy issues. Anything from fibre to garment we can handle.

Supply Chain

Analysis of Cost, Capacity & Capability

We will work with you on your supply chain and help you custom build the right strategy to grow your busines. Setting the foundation to allow for rapid and controlled growth.  Such as Sourcing Strategy, RM Process & Strategy, Quality Process and Production Management.

Raw Materials

Sourcing & Development

We work from your design brief to Source, Develop and Engineer raw materials that meet your performance criteria and brand DNA. Our team of developers can work collaboratively with designers and manufacturers and create a seamless handover from concept to bulk production.


Trusted by world class clients, we are ready to be your strongest support.

Alo yoga
outdoor voices


We can build a package especially for you. 

From a full-service provider where we can be your sourcing, development, production and quality resource all in one place. 

Or maybe you only require a single product developed or commercialized. 

Maybe its a quality issue you need to support in identifying the root cause.  We customize the service to your individual requirements.  

Leverage our eco-system to build your business and ideal brand.


Mainly a variety of functional fabrics developed and produced in Taiwan. In addition to providing multi-color and multi-style options, there are also uncolored fabrics for designers to print their own unique patterns on the spot according to the style.

Image by Kenny Luo

In addition to the materials used for basic garment structure, there are also rare special accessories for fit, which provide designers with more creative materials.


From printing and coloring to final packaging and shipment, you can rest assured to leave it to us. You only need to select good materials and focus on designing and selling your brand!

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